Christmas Tea & Champagne Brunch

We have been very grateful for the Parish Hall to have hosted us for so many years. Happily, we have outgrown the space so we have moved the event this year. Please help us fill up our new venue at

Barra of Mendocino Winery

Thank you for another wonderfully successful event!


Interested in being apart of this event? Want to donate a hand-crafted item? Please contact the SMSF Board Member Chair, Lauren McPhaul at


Thanks to your generous support last year at the Christmas Tea & Champagne Brunch! On Dec. 16, 2016, SMSF board member Kathy Ault joyfully presented Principal Thomas with a check for $2,215!

Your trees and Christmas creations helped raise funds to purchase items for each classroom on the teachers’ wish lists.

Kindergarten AM & PM: $320 towards the purchase of bean bags chairs and math games.

First grade: $465 towards the purchase of a classroom printer.

Second grade: $130 towards the purchase of a Smart TV, Chromebook and art supplies.

Third grade: $205 towards the purchase of Chromebooks.

Fourth grade: $225 towards the purchase of a VHS/DVD  player and flat screen TV.

Fifth grade: $150 towards the purchase of books for the classroom library.

Sixth grade:  $380 towards the purchase of 10 TI calculators and meter sticks.

Jr. High PE: $185 towards the purchase of a ping pong table.

Jr. High Science Lab: $175 towards the purchase of nutrient agar and slide drying kits.

A special thank you to all the elves – parents, teachers, students and volunteers – whose love and talents make this SOLD OUT event so special.

Hosted by St. Mary’s School Foundation, committed to securing a bright financial future for St. Mary’s School.

Building a Foundation for a Lifetime.