Scrip Fundraising Participation

What is Scrip?

Scrip is a no-selling fundraising effort that enables families to raise money for our school through their everyday purchases. Every time you shop, you can earn money for our school, without impacting your family budget.

Families buy gift cards to use for everyday purchases, or participate in local grocery store rewards card programs, and earn rebate dollars for our school.

How to Participate

Purchase e-scrip or gift cards directly from

The 700 brands available through the website provide a wide array of shopping options. The ScripNow electronic gift cards are a great option for online shopping.

St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School account number is 9CD1856533L16.


Use a grocery store rewards card when you shop.

Enrolled in the rewards card program at these local grocery stores, and use your card when you do your regular shopping. A portion of your purchases will be donated to our school.

Raley’s Something Extra/Extra Credit rewards card
Food Maxx S.H.A.R.E.S. card
Lucky S.H.A.R.E.S. card

Purchase scrip gift cards from our school office.

We have an inventory of many of the popular cards on hand for your purchase. You may pay for the cards when you pick them up in the school office.

You may also order from the complete list of available gift cards; we will place the order and you may pick up the cards at the school office.

Download scrip order form – complete list
Download scrip order form – local businesses only

Participation Requirements

Each family is asked to make at least $6,000 in scrip purchases between July 1 and May 31 of each school year.

Family and friends are welcome to help support our program, and all of their purchases can be applied to your scrip commitment of $6,000. Please inform the school office of their names so your family will receive credit for their purchases.

Families may choose to pay $400 rather than fulfill the scrip commitment. Unmet scrip purchase commitments are billed at 5% of the unmet purchase amount.

Scrip purchase commitments are due May 31st of each school year.

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