Photo of test sample being placed in a container.

Student Registration: COVID-19 Pool Testing

As a school community, we understand that attending school during the COVID-19 pandemic requires the cooperation of everyone to protect ourselves and others from getting sick. Our School Reopening Task Force recommends COVID-19 “pool testing” for our student body. Students must register with our Primary Health testing program to participate:

Register my student for COVID-19 Pool Testing

What is “pool testing”?

Pool testing is combining the same type of specimen from several people and conducting one laboratory test on the combined pool of specimens. Pooled tests that return positive results will require each specimen in the pool to be retested individually to determine which individual(s) are positive. Pool testing allows for more people to be tested quickly using fewer testing resources.

When will students be tested?

Testing will be offered weekly, with most individual students getting tested monthly.

Who is required to participate in “pool testing”?

We encourage all St. Mary’s students to participate but it is NOT required for all students.

Students participating in school athletics are required to participate in weekly or twice weekly testing. Please register your student athlete with our Primary Health testing program before their season begins.

Where will testing take place?

All testing will take place at St. Mary’s School. A school staff member who has been trained to perform this test will observe specimen collection, and a trained COVID-19 screening administrator will oversee the process.

Please contact the school if you have any questions. Thank you for supporting our efforts to protect our community.

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