Photo of board honoring our veterans

We Honor Our Veterans – November 11, 2022

Our students and staff recently paid tribute to veterans during special events at school.

A display on campus held photos of family members of students and faculty who were either retired or active in the military, with a banner that read “God Bless Our Veterans” and a prayer. In addition, the first grade class wrote letters to active service members thanking them for their service.

Lastly, St. Mary’s students and their families were invited to a special prayer service on Monday afternoon dedicated to veterans, presided by Deacon Dan Vilotti, a retired Captain in the US Navy.

“This week our school community had the privilege to honor our veterans for their faithful service to our country,” said Mr. Andrew Soria, principal of St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School. “As someone with close family in the military, I understand firsthand the sacrifices these men and women make in the pursuit of freedom, justice, and peace. I’m grateful our students have an opportunity to celebrate the service of veterans and to pray for them, and we also recognize this day as a call to serve our community.”

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