Children playing the recorder during music class


Academic Curriculum

Our curriculum is an integrated course of academic studies that consists of all the experiences of the student under the direction of school personnel. It supports our Student Learning Expectations, and is structured so that it provides the opportunity to develop proper attitudes, habits and values as well as the basic subject skills. Basic curriculum includes Religion, Math, Social Studies, Language Arts, Writing, Literature, Science, PE, Music, Spanish, Art, Computers, Gardening and Library.

California Common Core Standards

Our curriculum is based on the California Common Core standards adopted by the Diocese of Santa Rosa.

Our students benefit from a curriculum that expresses Catholic academic traditions that integrate language arts, music and history, with our commitment to using common core textbooks and learning resources.

Our math classes focus on mastering key math concepts to ensure that those concepts are understood, thereby building stronger complex problem-solving skills.

In language arts we emphasize the use of academic language, evidence-citation, and non-fiction reading and comprehension.

Our teachers attend Common Core workshops with the diocese, and perform mid-year and year-end student assessments to determine the progress of their students in moving towards mastering Common Core standards.

Religion Curriculum

Our religion curriculum is an integral and continuing element of the educational experience of our students in all grades. Determined by the Diocese of Santa Rosa, this curriculum builds a strong foundation for our students’ understanding of the Catholic faith. Our service requirements provide an opportunity for students to put their faith into practice.