Uniform Policy


The purpose of our school uniform is to create:

  • a neat, “pride of person” look for our students
  • a visual identity for the school, and
  • a quality, affordable clothing choice for our school families.

Current School Year

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School uniform policy

Shoe uniform policy

Non-uniform dress code

Purchasing Recommendations

Lands’ End is our preferred uniform supplier. Some items may be found at JC Penney, Target, Gap, Old Navy, and Walmart. Items purchased at these stores must be identical to the color and styling of the Lands’ End school uniform clothing.

Lands’ End school uniform website

Please use the St. Mary’s Preferred School code #9000-8921-0 when making your purchases. This will ensure the correct logo is used, and our school will receive a 3% rebate on your total purchase.

Most Frequently Forgotten Facts

Knit pants in navy blue are allowed as uniform pants for girls. No leggings as uniform pants.

Facial masks may not bear messages inconsistent with the goals and philosophy of St. Mary’s School. (i.e., no alcohol, drug, tobacco, gang-related messages.)

All shoes must be playground safe– athletic shoes, sturdy Mary Janes, slip-ons. No boots–ankle boots, fashion boots, cowboy boots, or boots with heels.

Shoes must be mostly black, white, navy, gray or brown. Trim on upper shoe must be black, white, navy, gray or brown. Trim on soles must be black, white, gray brown or rubber. Shoelaces must match the shoes.

Socks must be black, white, navy or gray with small logos or trim in black, white, navy or gray. No stripes up the back or around the top. No colored bows or designs.

When wet, rain boots are OK. No fashion boots, cowboy boots, ankle boots or boots with heels.

Hair must be simple, neat and well groomed: above the eyebrows and above the collar.

Belts must be navy, black or brown with standard buckle or D-ring.

Land’s End jackets, fleece jackets, sweaters and vests with the school logo, and school sweatshirts with the school logo, are the only outerwear items to be worn at Mass, on the playground or in the classroom.

During cold weather, overcoats may be worn over school uniforms during morning assembly and on the playground.

Skirts should be no more than four inches above the knee.

No short shorts K-8; no short shorts with tights underneath for free dress.

Only clear nail polish is allowed; 6th, 7th and 8th graders may wear light colored nail polish.

Jewelry should be subtle and simple—no dangling or hoop earrings.

Hats are allowed before and after school, during recess and lunch on the playground only.