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Our Mission: Securing a Bright Future for Every Student

Launching the Future: The St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School Legacy of Learning Fund

Welcome to a new chapter in our school’s story. We are thrilled to announce the launch of the St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School Legacy of Learning Fund, a visionary initiative to secure and enrich the educational journey of every student who walks through our doors. This fund represents our commitment to long-term excellence and accessibility, ensuring that financial constraints never stand in the way of a child’s potential. Join us in this groundbreaking venture to shape futures and nurture dreams.

Building a Legacy of Opportunity and Excellence

At St. Mary’s, we believe in nurturing every child’s potential, regardless of their financial background. The St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School Legacy of Learning Fund is our commitment to this belief—a promise to secure not just today’s educational needs but to safeguard the future of learning for generations to come.

Our Vision

  • Sustainable Support: The Legacy of Learning Fund ensures that St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School continues to provide exceptional educational experiences rooted in our Catholic values. Through this fund, we are building a resilient financial foundation, enabling us to adapt, grow and excel in an ever-changing world.
  • Empowering Talent: Central to our mission is increasing access to high-quality education for low-income students. The fund breaks down financial barriers, offering scholarships and opportunities that transform lives. Every child deserves a chance to shine, and through your support, we make this a reality.

How It Works

  • A Permanent Resource: Contributions to the Legacy of Learning Fund are not just donations; they are investments in the future. The principal amount is carefully invested, remaining intact, while the interest earned supports our key initiatives.
  • Direct Impact: The interest from the fund is allocated to annual scholarships, directly benefiting students in need. This sustainable model means your contribution continues to make a difference year after year.

Join Us in This Journey

Your support of the St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School Legacy of Learning Fund is more than a gift—it’s a powerful statement of belief in the value of education and the potential of our youth. Together, we can create a legacy that echoes through the halls of our school and the lives of our students for many years to come.

Become a part of our mission. Every contribution, big or small, makes a lasting impact.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, your generous donations to St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School are not only impactful but also tax-deductible. Invest in education and enjoy the benefits of giving.

Study: We blend rigorous academics with various co-curricular activities like music, gardening and computers. From offering advanced mathematics and and early start in languages like Spanish to a wide range of electives, the school caters to developing well-rounded individuals.
Prayer: Our students are reminded that God is in their lives and that every day is a blessing. Our Theology curriculum allows students to explore their faith and see the Holy Spirit at work in their lives and the world around them.
Service: Students learn to extend a helping hand to those in the community. They embody the principles of compassion and generosity by engaging in activities like organizing food and donation drives and contributing to diverse volunteer initiatives.
Community: we foster a community for out students and their families through various activities, such as overnight field trips, athletics, student government, carnivals, musical productions, assemblies, fundraisers and more.