Student Activities

Altar Servers

Students in grades 4-8 are invited to minister and give witness to the parish family at the daily and Sunday liturgies through their role as altar servers. Students have the opportunity to be trained during the school year during school hours.

California Junior Scholarship Federation

The purpose of California Junior Scholarship Federation is to foster high standards of scholarship, service and citizenship on the part of the students in the 7th and 8th grades. In order to qualify, a student must have at least four A’s in major subject areas and nothing lower than a B in other subjects. Conduct and effort must also be satisfactory.

Carousel of Books

Carousel of Books is a reading incentive program presented to student in grades K-3. Students may earn prizes depending on the number of books they have read. Parent involvement is important to facilitate and aid reading at home during this program and for their entire school career.

Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week is celebrated nationwide during the last week in January. Many activities are scheduled to recognize the gifts and talents of our school community.

Christmas Program

All children in grades K-8 are encouraged to participate in the annual Christmas program held just before Christmas vacation. Parents are invited to attend this evening program.

Class and Student Body Liturgies

Every other week the Eucharistic Liturgy is celebrated by the entire student body. Students plan and participate actively, and families and friends are invited to attend.

Community Service

Children are encouraged to put their faith into action. Middle school students participate in a weekly visiting program to a nearby convalescent home, as well as service activities around the school. Younger children may visit the home once or twice a year at holiday times to entertain the patients. Concern for the poor is manifested by the children’s monetary contributions, which are given to various local and world charities. Each class assumes responsibility for at least one project a year to help the poor.

Dance Parties

The 6th, 7th and 8th grade students hold two or three dance parties per school year. These events give the students experience with peer interaction in a positive, safe and controlled environment. Parent chaperones are needed to ensure a safe and fun event.

First Eucharist and Reconciliation

Sacrament preparation and celebrations are parish-based events at St. Mary’s. These programs are coordinated with the Director of Religious Education for the parish, the 2nd grade teacher and the administration. Information regarding sacramental preparation is sent home prior to the events early in the school year.

Fall Carnival

The 7th grade has the responsibility of planning and putting on a fall carnival for the enjoyment of the students in grades K-7.

Holy Days of Obligation and School Liturgies

When a Holy Day of Obligation falls on a school day, the Eucharist is celebrated at 8:30 a.m. by one of the parish priests at St. Mary’s Church. The Eucharist is celebrated with all of St. Mary’s students. All parents and friends are always invited to attend these liturgies with their children.

Kid’s Club

Kid’s Club is a quality after-school child care program which offers a safe, resourceful and stimulating environment for children enrolled at St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School in grades K-8.


Lunches are offered to the student body Monday through Friday. The menu varies weekly and the price is $4.00 each, including milk.

Mardi Gras Participation

Mardi Gras is one of the major fund raisers for St. Mary’s School. Students participate in a variety of ways: selling raffle tickets to family and friends, providing items for the auction, designing posters to be distributed in Ukiah and attending the children’s carnival on Sunday. Parents are required to provide participation hours to this very important event. Mardi Gras Board members contact parents early to identify ways to be involved.

School-wide Display of Student Work

Students have the opportunity to display their academic and creative abilities through the Science Fair, Art Show, Open House, and in their classrooms. Students are also encouraged to enter contests that are offered by the school and through other appropriate institutions.

Spelling Bee

Academic excellence in the language arts is fostered through a school-wide spelling bee. Children are encouraged to increase their skills and participate as fully as possible.


Each school in the diocese sponsors a sports program as one dimension of its total ministry to youth. Emphasis rests not on the number of games won or lost, but on the participants’ attitude in victory or defeats. Principles of fair play and sportsmanship govern every game.

Ultimate responsibility for the success of the sports program lies with volunteer adult participants. Adults involved remember that the program exists for the Christian growth of young people. The conduct of adults always models Christian values and virtues.

Volleyball, boys and girls, grades 5-8: Fall
Basketball, boys and girls, grades 5-8: Winter
Track, boys and girls, grades K-8: Spring

Each student and their parents are given an after school sports contract and are required to sign the contract prior to participating in each sport offered. A fee in the range of $70-$90 per sport must be paid prior to participation.

Sports Eligibility

In order to be eligible for after school sports participation, a student cannot have a D or F in any subject on the progress report or report card given out before the sport begins. If a student receives a D or F on a progress report or report card after the sport begins, they will be placed on probation and must prove they are performing adequately in the classroom in order to practice or play. Failure to maintain the appropriate conduct of a St. Mary’s student may result in probation for extra-curricular activities, including the sports program.

Student Government

A primary objective of Catholic education is the development of Christian leadership and service. The student government program gives students the opportunity to use and develop skills they are learning about self-government. At the same time, they learn responsibility and begin to care about their school and the children attending it.

The student council is composed of elected representatives of the student body and is under the supervision of a faculty member. Activities are subject to the approval of the principal and teachers. All activities are designed to foster pride and school spirit, develop spiritual growth, promote community service, and encourage high academic standards.

Student Government Eligibility

Requirements for 7th and 8th grade offices: 3.0 GPA or higher and a 2 or better in Conduct on the prior report card. Failure to maintain the required 3.0 GPA and a 2 in Conduct, or a grade of a D or F in any subject, will result in forfeiture of position for the remainder of that quarter. Realization of the required GPA and conduct grade at the beginning of the next quarter will result in reinstatement to council position. Suspension will result in forfeiture of position on the student council for the remainder of the school year.

Student Government Offices

Grade 8: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary
Grades 7-8: Sports – Boys, Sports – Girls, Religious Affairs, Spirit/Publicity, Environmental Steward
Grades 4-8: Class Representative

Talent Show

The Talent Show, an annual 7th grade sponsored event allows hidden talents to emerge from and be celebrated by students, faculty and support personnel. Parents are notified and invited to attend this exciting event.

Science Fair

St. Mary’s students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades participate in a school-wide science fair. Notable entries may then participate in the Mendocino County Science Fair, and often go on to participate in the California State Science Fair. Parent, faculty and staff support are essential elements for this event.