children in the lunch area

About Our School

St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School has a commitment to academic excellence rooted in our primary purpose of developing and proclaiming a personal relationship with God. This is fostered by our call to make St. Mary’s a community of faith built on a reverence for each person’s dignity, uniqueness, and self worth.

The school provides opportunities for shared worship in an environment that encourages service to others. While recognizing the parents as the primary educators, St. Mary’s creates an atmosphere for learning that combines structure with creativity, and fosters an enthusiasm for life long learning. We empower our students to accept the responsibility to make a difference in their community and the world.

A History of Success

St. Mary’s is celebrating over 60 years of serving families in Mendocino and Lake Counties with a continuing commitment to developing each student’s academic and personal excellence. Inspired by the dream to have a Catholic school in Ukiah, Father Celestine Quinlan strived to make it come true. Classes were first held in 1953 for 1st through 6th grades, and has since grown to offer classes from Kindergarten through 8th grade, with facilities that include a library, a Spanish classroom, and a computer lab.

A History of Achievement

Studies have shown both the effectiveness and quality of a Catholic education. Not only are St. Mary’s graduates well prepared for high school, college and careers, but they are also more likely as adults to be active leaders in their church and community.

Today’s young people represent a future generation of leaders in America. We believe they deserve the opportunity to receive a strong, quality education to help them make a difference in this ever-changing world. Partial scholarships and tuition assistance are available.

St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School is:

  • Known in the community for its high academic standards, drawing from both Catholic and non-Catholic families.
  • Known for its dedicated and experienced teachers who support and ensure that each student is academically challenged in a positive and caring learning environment.
  • Providing more than an education. We are a school made up of parents, faculty and students working together. We recognize parents as the primary educators as we create an atmosphere for learning that combines structure and creativity while fostering an enthusiasm for lifelong learning.
  • A safe environment to learn – physically, emotionally, and spiritually – a place where the ideas of others are welcome.

Making a Difference in Our Community

At St. Mary’s students are taught from an early age to reach out and help others in the community. By visiting nursing homes, supporting Plowshares, and running food and donation drives, students learn the values of caring and giving by reaching out and helping people.

Annual School Activities Bring Us Together

  • St. Mary’s School Christmas Program
  • St. Mary’s Mardi Gras Dinner, Dance, Auction and Family Fair
  • School Science Fair
  • School Talent Show
  • School Dances
  • Class Performances
  • Diocesan Track & Field Day
  • Liturgical Celebrations


The after school athletic programs at St. Mary’s continue to foster leadership. Focusing on sportsmanship and participation, teams competing in basketball, volleyball, and track and field consistently receive awards and trophies, in addition to the satisfaction of a game well-played. Students also excel in community-based softball, baseball, basketball, and soccer teams.

Our Faith Community

St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School has been the sole center of Catholic education in Mendocino County since 1953. Ours has been a history of academic excellence rooted in our primary purpose of proclaiming the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

This is achieved by our call to a faith community built on a reverence for each person’s dignity, on shared worship, and on service to others. We, teachers, parents and students, form a faith community in which each child is valued as a unique and precious person. Our relationships are characterized by respect, responsibility, and joy.

In the spirit of family, parents as primary educators and teachers model Christian values in an effort to educate the whole child. Our students are thereby empowered to accept the responsibility to make a difference in creating a just world. Ours is a caring community and in the deepest sense, this service of love is the highest goal of education.

Our Principles

  • Reverence and worship of God, loyalty to and love of our country, and concern for and service to our neighbors are part of the daily educational program.
  • Courtesy, respect and love characterize all our dealings with one another – teacher toward student, student toward teacher, student toward student, teacher toward parent.
  • Mutual responsibility is placed upon student and teacher and parent to learn, to advance, to grow, to be punctual, and to be accountable.
  • School and classrooms are places where there is an atmosphere of joy and of being alive. They are orderly centers of busy, happy and productive learning.

Our Shared Goals and Responsibilities

  • The school provides a Christian atmosphere in which the whole child is nurtured.
  • Concern, care and love are dominating motives of the entire educational program.
  • Values and standards are part of our religious philosophy.
    Quality education is offered at all levels according to the abilities of each student.
  • Parents cooperate with the school in fostering religious values.
  • Respect for person, property and school regulations, are evidenced by parents and students.


St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School is accredited with the Western Catholic Education Association and the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.