Student Learning Expectations

Students at St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School learn that God loves each of us, and that our loving response to God leads to a fulfilling life.

While parents are the primary educators, and teachers have key roles as facilitators of learning, all members of the school community are called to work together to build a community of faith based on respect for self and others.

Students, faculty and families are also called to recognize and honor the uniqueness, diversity and dignity of each individual. Students develop life-long critical thinking skills, provide service to our school, the community and the world, practice academic excellence and mature in their emotional, social and physical growth.

The Pillar of Prayer

A St. Mary of the Angels student is a child of faith who:

  • Worships and prays together as a school community
  • Makes good choices that reflect Gospel values
  • Serves others

The Pillar of Study

A St. Mary of the Angels student is a life-long learner who:

  • Succeeds academically
  • Uses imagination and creativity to explore and discover
  • Analyzes, thinks critically, and solves problems
  • Utilizes technology to communicate effectively

The Pillar of Community

A St. Mary of the Angels student is a responsible citizen who:

  • Demonstrates leadership skills
  • Respects diversity with concern and acceptance for all
  • Exercises self-respect and self-discipline

The Pillar of Service

A St. Mary of the Angels student is a person of service who:

  • Shares gifts and talents for the good of others
  • Demonstrates a spirit of service in the Church, the family, the school, and the community
  • Actively recognizes the needs of Earth and the environment