Report Card/Progress Report Schedule

2023-2024 Schedule

The school calendar at St. Mary’s is divided into trimesters, with progress reports provided 1.5 weeks after each trimester.

1st Trimester

Progress period ends: September 29, with grades due October 4
Progress reports go home: October 9

1st trimester ends: November 9, with grades due November 14
Report cards go home: November 15-17 (Parent-Teacher conferences)

2nd Trimester

Progress period ends: January 19, with grades due January 24
Progress reports go home: January 29

2nd trimester ends: March 1, with grades due March 6
Report cards go home: March 11

3rd Trimester

Progress period ends: April 19, with grades due April 24
Progress reports go home: April 29

3rd trimester ends: June 7, with grades due June 11
Report cards mailed home: June 13